Proper management and care of ULDs is critical to our business.

ULDs are essential to the air transportation business. There are currently 800,000 ULDs in existence globally, with a replacement value of almost $1 billion. ULDs transport $6.8 trillion worth of goods each year, representing about 35% of international trade.

ULDs are safety-critical aircraft components and therefore are subject to all FAA and other regulatory safety guidelines. Yet training and operating standards vary enormously, ranging from excellent to non-existent.

The result? ULDs are being mishandled, damaged, improperly loaded, built up and restrained.

Why is this happening?

Given your interest in the ULD Industry, it is important for you to know that ULDs spend much of their time in the hands of organizations that have little or no contact with the flying side of the business.

However, the process of building up and loading ULDs onto an aircraft involves many steps and many people. One broken link in the application of proper handling procedures can have a DIRECT IMPACT on the SAFETY and AIRWORTHINESS of the ULD.

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We must come together as an industry to change the non-compliance culture of ULD management across the logistics chain. We need consistently well-trained people applying the safety handling practices as prescribed in the IATA ULD Regulations.

Be pro-active. Join us in driving safety and efficiency now.

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